The AthleTECH internship gives youth an experience that is both comprehensive and challenging.


We interview hundreds of candidates aged 13-18 for a 8 week internship program. The internship exposes young people to technology related careers that they may not otherwise have access to through executive and professional guest speakers and panels, a coding camp, networking sessions, and even push them to produce real working software.


Take a peek at the first two weeks of our immersive internship:


Week 1


The first week we drink from the firehose. Interns will get to know your fellow interns, meet and hear from professional athletes, professional coders, technologists, and learn the 


Week 1 Events and Outputs

  • Attend Orientation
  • Attend Business School in a Day
  • Attend User-centered Design Workshop
  • Develop Business Plan
  • Cement Elevator Pitch


Week 2


In the second week, interns teams have stormed and normed and now it's all about making things. Interns will be exposed to modern technical and entrepreneurial business practices and will learn how to form their own path to success by making cool and impactful things.


Week 2 Events and Outputs

  • Attend Code Camp
  • Attend Introduction to Agile
  • Attend Introduction to Source Control
  • Develop Product Backlog
  • Develop Marketing Plan